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Code to follow us on WechatBackgrounder: U.S. 2018 midterm electionsBackgrounder: U.S. 2018 ▓midterm electionsBackgrounder: U.S. 2018 midterm elections11-06-2018 08:44 BJTWASHINGTON, Nov. 5 (Xinhua) -- On Tuesday the United States is ▓set to hold its midterm elections, which will have profound impact on U.S. politics for the next two years.According to U.S. law, elections for U.▓S. lawmakers take place every two years, ▓either concurrently with or two years after each ▓presidential election. Because the latter take place between two presidential elections, they a▓re known as "midterm elections."During

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every midterm election, all members of the House of Representatives▓, the Congress' lower chamber, are up for reelection, ▓as are one third of Senators, who fill the upper c▓hamber.For this year's midterm elections, 35 of the Senate's 100 seats are contested, 33 of which through regular election and two are through special election, meaning the seat is vacated by the previous senator before their terms were scheduled to end.Of the 35 Senate seats up for election, 24 are currently held by the Dem▓ocratic Party, two are by independent politi▓cians who caucus with the Democratic Party,▓ and nine are by the Republican Party.This▓ put the Democratic Party at a disadvantage to win the Sen▓ate ma

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